Saturday, 22 October 2011

Scot Sax's new band Queen Electric and the return of Wanderlust

Fantastic news, the superb Scot Sax (see my old interview here) is pretty active at the moment. Firstly Wanderlust one of the finest bands of their time have reformed, have played live and are looking to do a new album which is bound to be sensational. Talking of sensational Scot has also got a new combo Queen Electric with Phil D'agostino and Mike Pietrusko and their debut release available both via Kool Kat and here
and boy and boy it's a mighty fine listen from start to finish, being a winning combination of McCartnesque melodies and blazing gravitas guitar pop with touches of glam and Jellyfish cleverness. Scot's songwriting shines as ever. I highly recommend you investigate and then invest in this great new band almost instantly.

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