Sunday, 14 February 2010

Yes Wembley 1977

Rooting around in a draw yesterday I found my six (count 'em) tickets for Yes at Wembley in 1977. Oh indeed I went every goddamn night, I was nineteen and Yes were my favourite band bar non in those days. It helped that I had shit hot seats every night..first, second and third row and I got to say I loved every minute of it. I had only seen them twice before at QPR and the Reading Festival and had been counting the endless days waiting for a new tour. Wakeman was back in the band and boy did they play up a storm. I look back now and see that Going For The One was the beginning of the end. Awaken is really the only bit of true classic Yes on the album in my opinion, but at the time I still wanted it all to be great. By the end of that decade it was all over for me........but back in 77 it was still utterly wonderous.



Join me next time when I'll tell you how I got Trevor Horn to leave the band with a few choice expletives in Lewisham


shockpop said...

But how was Donovan??

jay strange said...

i got to admit i took absolutely no notice of donavan the whole week...dont think i watched more than a couple of songs.i wasn't into him much anyway and i was probably too buzzed up with Yes to take any notice....if someone asked me if i ever saw donovan live i'd have to come down on the side,not really

Anything Should Happen said...

I went to Show 3 and it was my first time in London and it was such a big place that I had to be with my dad who thought that Yes were pompous.
It was a whole new world for me, everything was so big, it was just like I imagined London to be.
Yes were ace, but if they were crap I'd have thought they were ace.
As you say, this was the last of the classic Yes, I personally hated Tormato, although I love Going For The One and still do.
The following year, me and my mate were allowed to go and see ELO and it didn't seem the same excitement wise.
ELO were fine and Trickster, the support were ace, but they weren't Yes.
I've seen Yes many more times since, but nothing matched that Wembley gig.
I wouldn't pay buttons to see the latest pretend Yes play, but if I was 14 again and it was my first chance to see them, would I say the same.

Mal said...

Donovan was dire, the audience on the night I went slow handclapped his set and his guitarist started a row "Don't you know who this is ?" audience wag replies "A hippe tosser, now F%$k off"