Saturday, 2 March 2019

Custard Flux and other interviews

Custard Flux is the latest solo project by the staggering talented Gregory Curvey, the genius creative force, always to be reckoned with, behind our beloved Luck Of Eden Hall. Me and Don have never denied our unfaltering admiration for the Eden Halls and the continuing joyful flow of brilliant psychedelic adventures each new TLoEH album lovingly brings us. Helium is the beautiful debut album by Custard Flux and what a treat it is, chockfull of great, memorable pop songs, lovingly rendered in multicoloured hues of baroque progressive splendour that stands it next to, and equal to, any Eden Hall album in your listening pile. Even in a year already deluged in musical delights Curvey has created one of the stand out musical highlights. Well of course he has, how could he not, he’s Curvey for crying out loud. 
A quick word from Curvey:As you know, I'm trying to get 100 Pre-Orders before April 30th to help pay for a Helium Double LP on 180g raspberry vinyl.  Each LP will also include a 6" x 8" post card and a lyric sheet.  There aren't any record label mailing lists to support me this time, and I've decided not to use a crowdfunding organization because they take a sizable chunk of cash, so I'm reaching out to everyone in the fan club for their help and support in sharing the information, or you can place a pre-order here:
Oh hold on, there’s the great man himself honing into view. Let me waylay him for you and sit him down with a fine cup of tea, a nice bit of cake and get the lowdown on just how one might flux custard and how helium is involved in the process…. 

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