Thursday 6 March 2014

Kickstart the Luck Of Eden Hall all the way to Crabstock USA

Crabstock USA and Victoria Moon LP

An opportunity for you

The Luck of Eden Hall is going to headline Crabstock USA, Fruits de Mer Records festival of psychedelia on Friday April 11th in Hamden CT. The show will also be sponsored by local radio station WPKN and we're playing a great venue called Outer Space. There is no cash guarantee so we're running this campaign to raise money to cover all our expenses (i.e. Van, gas, lodging) and to help cover our share of the cost of pressing 500 vinyl LPs of Victoria Moon. Our label in the Netherlands will pay for half the cost this time and it's up to us to cover the rest.
Please have a look at all of the groovy premiums we've put together for you here, including CDs, vinyl LPs, digital downloads and unique one of a kind items...
Once again any help you can give to support this dream is greatly appreciated.
Curvey, Lofgren, Mendoza, Licka 
P.S. News...
We have a single coming out on Fruits de Mer Records, another article due out in Bucketfull of Brains magazine (UK), our Greatest Hits Vol. 1 album is sponsored by the Active Listener label in New Zealand and I've finished the soundtrack for the first episode of the Moochie Kalala Detectives Club TV show, starring Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live).

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