Wednesday 19 August 2009

The Future of this blog.....

I’ve been seriously thinking about the future of this blog the last few days and I’ve got to say its going to be simply brilliant. Just imagine as soon as they invent teleporting I’ll be able to whiz round the planet interviewing all my favourites just like that and then with holograms and virtual reality I’ll be able to post live concerts and since by then the internet will just be a chip inside your head it will be just like you’re there at the gig itself. And then when they invent time travel machines I’ll be able to travel back to the late sixties and early seventies and virtual reality record concerts by Nick Drake, Yes live at the Fishmongers Arms in Wood Green in 1968, then later stuff like early Daryll Ann shows, The Ophelias live, Harm Farm and interview The Grays during the recording of Ro Sham Bo…the possibilities are endless….so exciting times ahead for Art Into Dust and you my faithful followers. But until the future catches up with our ambitions here’s a few predictions of what the next forty years might bring…..
Aimee Mann will be the first woman to tour outside the solar system though calling it the Lost In Space tour was maybe not such a good idea
Fortunately Michael Penn will be the first serious songwriter to have his own personal rocket racer so he'll set off to save her.
and they will have all sorts of galactic adventures together along the way.
The Winterpills will be the first band to play live on Mars (no not Life on Mars)
Scott Miller will mutate into a super living computer and rule the world wisely and with compassion (and he'll reform Game Theory both as a band and a concept)
The U.S.S. Jellyfish will go boldly where no pop band has gone before (though quite a few bands have gone since)
Anne Soldaat will be the first to have an all robot backing band (Roger Ruskin Spear only had one robot in his band)
Camper Van Beethoven will go one step further (okay maybe more than one step further) and have their heads grafted onto robot bodies so they can tour Saturns rings.
Jason Falkner will have himself cloned four times so he can play his songs live just like they sound on his, by then seven albums.
(okay so in forty years time our Jason's gonna look more like this, but lets not spoil our illusions here)
So as you can see the future is going to be one hell of a ride here at Art Into stick around and...oh bollocks I just realised I'll probably be dead by then.......

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