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Jonathan Segel on the Internet Archive

Jonathan Segel has been a very active and generous contributor to the internet archive, posting soundboards of current shows as well as digging through his archive box to add some amazing treasures from his long creative history. Morst and other fans have also posted some very good audience recordings along the way. Here is a quick run through of the very best of these wonderful recordings.........

Grab them all and then buy all the studio albums.....

Jonathan Segel Live at 23 East Cabaret on 1989-04-11
01. Thinksong-->Turnaround 02. Find 03. Fluid Intuition 04. Your Own Story 05. Grain of Sand 06. Now I Know 07. Daring Time-->Travel On-->Thinksong-->I Was Thinking of You

with the Monks of Doom! Jonathan Segel opening for the Monks, they were also his back up band Jonathan Segel -gtr, 12 string gtr, mandoli, vocals David Immergluck - gtr, vocals Graham Connah - Keyboards Victor Krummenacher -bass Chris Pedersen-drums

Hieronymus Firebrain Live at unknown venue on 1991-10-08

01. intro/Lifeblood 02. Your Penny Silver 03. Find 04. Keen To The Stress Queen 05. Sky Of Mind 06. false start/banter 07. Atalanta Runs Ahead 08. Abundance 09. Chain Of Circumstance (cut) 10. "CIA" banter 11. Epistle & Address 12. Still Surfing For The CIA 13. The Swell

Hieronymus Firebrain Live at I-Beam on 1992-02-26
Jonathan Segel - gtr +Mark Bartlett - gtr Ted Ellison - bass Russ Blackmar - drums

1) Still Wishing To Course 2) Life Blood/Your Penny Silver 3) Keen To The Stress Queen 4) 400 Billion Years 5) Don't Drive Too Slowly/Epistle & Address 6) You Shine 7) Atalanta Runs Ahead 8) Inside 9) Skin Holds It In/Sky of Mind/Run Away/Skin

Jack and Jill Live at KUSF on 1995-11-26
I've Seen a Goat 2) If You Really Loved Me 3) I'm an Idiot 4) and yer bird can sing 5) Hippies and Cops 6) chatting with germ

Jonathan Segel Saturday, September 13, 2008 Pioneertown, CA, USA Pappy & Harriet's Pioneertown Palace- indoor stage 4th Annual Cracker Camper Van Beethoven Family Reunion Campout

Personnel: Jonathan Segel - Guitar, Vocal Victor Krummenacher - Bass, Vocal John Hanes - Drums Alison Faith Levy - Keyboard, Tambourine, Vocal
01. Video (soundcheck) 02. Angels 03. Mirror Colored Thing 04. Can't Help It 05. Greedy
06. merch banter 07. Gravity - Little Blue Fish - Gravity 08. Scars

Jonathan Segel Live at Bottom of the Hill on 2008-06-29
Jonathan Segel - Guitar & Vocals John Hanes - Drums Alison Faith Levy - Keyboard & Vocals Victor Krummenacher - Guitar & Vocals
01. Angels 02. Mirror Colored Thing 03. Can't Help It 04. Enough Air 05. Life Boat 06. Gravity - Little Blue Fish - Gravity 07. Scars - band intro - outtro

Jonathan Segel Band live in Los Angeles, Sept 14 2007 opening for Built to Spill at the Henry Fonda Theater
band: Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals Greg Lisher - guitar Chris Xefos - bass, vocals Andrew Griffin - drums

1) Orebro 2) Angels 3) I Love You 4) Can't Help It 5) Enough Air 6) Gravity 7) Wonder Seeker 8) Scars

Jonathan Segel and band set at the Third Annual Camper Van Beethoven/Cracker Camp-out Festival Saturday Sept 8 2007 Pappy And Harriet's Pioneertown Palace

band is Andrew Griffin - drums Victor Krummenacher - bass Greg Lisher - guitar Jonathan Segel - guitar, vocals Chris Xefos - guitar, keyboards, vocals
1) Orebro 2) Angels 3) I Love You 4) Greedy 5) Can't Help It
6) Enough Air 7) Gravity 8) Wonder Seeker 9) Scars

Jonathan Segel band at the Oakland Box in Oakland, CA June 8 2004 opening for Myles Boisen's Past-Present-Future
band: Jonathan Segel, Guitar and Vocals Dina Emerson, vocals Myles Boisen, Guitar Chris Xefos, Bass Gino Robair, Drums
1. hey joy 2. mirror colored thing 3. mean mean girls 4. mexican divorce 5. backwards from ten 6. permanent dream state 7. civil disobedience 8. losing touch 9. i'm an idiot

Jonathan Segel September 9, 2006 Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace - outdoor stage Pioneertown CA 2nd Annual Cracker-Camper Van Beethoven Family Reunion Campout Jonathan Segel - Violin, Guitar, Keyboard, Sampler, Vocals Greg Lisher - Guitar, Vocals John Hanes - Drums Victor Krummenacher - Bass Chris Xefos - Keyboard, Vocals Kenny Margolis - Keyboards
1. intro 2. Orebro 3. Can't Help It 4. I Love You 5. (hydration banter) 6. Gravity - (Undertow) - Wonder Seeker 7. outtro

Jonathan Segel Live at The Starry Plough Pub on 2006-19-05
1. Orebro 2. Can't Help It 3. Enough Air 4. I Love You 5. Stay 6. Wonder Seeker

Jonathan Segel with band live at the Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA Oct 24 2003, opening for the Monks of Doom. Promoting his cd, "Edgy Not Antsy"
Jonathan Segel, Guitar and vocals Myle Boisen, Guitar Gino robair, Drums Chris Xefos, Bass Anne Hege, Keyboards and Vocals

1) Hey Joy 2) Mirror Colored Thing 3) Mean Mean Girls 4) Backwards From Ten 5) Civil Disobedience 6) Flower That Lures 7) Losing Touch 8) Permanent Dream State 9) I'm An Idiot 10) Dig A Pony

Jonathan Segel Live at Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown CA on 2005-09-10
You Shine 7:40Really Interstellar 14:17Little Blue Fish 14:43

The band consists of Jonathan Segel on guitar and vocals, Victor Krummenacher on bass, Myles Boisen on guitar and John Hanes on drums.

Jonathan Segel Live at Hopmonk Alehouse (April 4, 2009)
solo opening for Cracker acoustic duo

1) Örebro intro 2) Örebro 3) Can't Help It 4) Still Wishing to Course 5) I'm an Idiot->If You Really Loved Me 6) Love the Witch->Thinksong 7) Grain of Sand 8) Enough Air 9) Pushing the Norton 10) One Here and One Gone 11) Lifeboat 12) Scars

and for those of you that enjoy his more experimental stuff theres a load of Chaos Butterfly shows here

and from the people who brought you the Monks Of Doom New York shows

Jonathan Segel
2009-01-11 Pianos New York, NY USA
Digital Master RecordingRecorded from Front of Board30 Feet from Stage
Recorded and Produced bynyctapernyctaper@nyctaper.com2009-01-19
Setlist:[total time 34:15]01 In Orebro 02 Angels 03 I Love You 04 Greedy 05 I Can’t Help It 06 Civil Disobedience 07 Enough Air

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