Wednesday 18 March 2009

Monks Of Doom live Club Europa 2009 -NYC Taper downloads

On March 12th and 13th Monks Of Doom played two stunning concerts at Club Europa in New York as a prelude to hopefully some west coast concerts later this summer and the CVB Campout later this fall. As all regular readers of this blog knows I reckon the Monks to be one of the greatest and most important bands ever so I was overjoyed that the incredible NYC Taper blog has uploaded not just a stunning audience recording of the first night but cortesy of the band a breathtaking multitrack master recording of the second night. Available now at the links below to the NYC Taper pages.
David Immergluck brought in a professional team to document the historic night and hopefull an official DVD release is to follow....

photo by Kyra Kverno

Monks of Doom
Brookyn, NY USA
Digital Multi-Track Master Recording
Multitrack Recording by Ryan Streber

01 [introduction]
02 Vs. Montana
03 Jim Gore And The Ghost of Missouri
04 Oh Well (Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac)
05 The Traveler
06 Facts About Spiders
07 Light In The Sky (Steve Hillage)
08 Unexplained Murders
09 The Better Angels Of Our Nature
10 Poison ( Bert Jansch)
11 Powerhouse/Hieroglyphic
12 [band introductions]
13 La Dolce Vita Suite
14 Going South
15 Calvary (Quicksilver)
16 Cherry Blossom Baptism
17 No Looking Back (Blue Orchids)
18 The 15th (Wire)
19 All in Good Time
20 The Insect God
21 Let’s Split
22 Für Immer (Neu!)

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photo by Kyra Kverno

Monks of Doom
Club Europa
Digital Audience Master Recording

Recorded and Produced by nyctaper 2009-03-18
Premiere Download offered at

01 [introduction]
02 In Anticipation of the Pope
03 Vaporize Your Crystals
04 Trapped
05 Riverbed
06 The Traveler
07 Powerhouse / Hieroglyphic
08 [banter]
09 Light In The Sky (Steve Hillage)
10 The 15th (Wire)
11 Ukranian Technological Faith Dance
12 Vivian Girls (Snakefinger)
13 Cherry Blossom Baptism
14 Oh Well (Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac)
15 Going South / La Dolce Vita Suite
16 [banter]
17 No Looking Back (Blue Orchids)
18 New Saigon (Pell Mell)
19 The Insect God
20 Hurricane Fighter Plane (Red Crayolas)
NYC Taper also have this excellent audience recording of JES
Jonathan Segel
and finally Kyra Kverno who took the above superb photos has her portfolios up here
and you can see more of her Monks pictures here

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