Monday, 9 May 2016

Help Kickstart the new Game Theory album folks

Making a record is an expensive undertaking. Even though most of the musicians involved are donating their time and talent, there are still a lot of unavoidable expenditures like studio time, mastering, travel and lodging. Then comes the really expensive part: the pressing of vinyl records and CDs, as well as packaging and shipping for both. Our goal amount is set at just what is needed to finish the record and put it in your hands. If we go over that amount, we can start paying back those who have already fronted the money for getting the album this far.

Scott had recorded many vocal and guitar tracks, and left a large collection of sound notes which Kristine and Ken have studied carefully. The rest of the band has been busy adding instrumental and vocal tracks for almost a year. Only a couple of recording sessions remain, and they are scheduled in the next couple of months.  With your help, we should be releasing it early next year.

Who is playing and singing on it?
Kristine and Ken have brought together a great lineup of familiar musicians to finish Supercalifragile including Game Theory alums like Jozef Becker, Nan Becker, Dave Gill, Michael Quercio, Gil Ray, Donnette Thayer, and Suzi Ziegler, as well as other notable guest artists such as Jon Auer (The Posies, Big Star), Anton Barbeau, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices, Nada Surf), Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt), Scott Kannberg (Spiral Stairs), Ted Leo (The Both),  Aimee Mann, Stéphane Schück, Will Sheff (Okkervil River), Bradley Skaught (The Bye Bye Blackbirds), and Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star, R.E.M.)

What does "Supercalifragile" mean?
True to Scott's love of playing with language, the album title combines the playful nonsense word from "Mary Poppins" with the vulnerability of life's uncertainty, fusing hugely dissimilar feelings in the way Scott did best.

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