Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sugarbush Records present....Orgone Box Centaur vinyl release

 Centaur is a limited edition vinyl only release of classic Orgone Box tracks with new remixing and some re-recording to create a brand new listening experience that will just knock your socks off. If you love this legendary band then you will need this. If you don't know them then this is a classic place as any to start your adventure (And the brilliant two original CDs are available still from Minus Zero Records)

Okay heres the blurb from Sugarbush which I agree with totally

Sometimes, just sometime, a truly great album comes your way. Sugarbush Records has such an album for you. The ORGONE BOX LP "Centaur" has been in the pipeline for over a year and finally we are proud to announce that is is here.  This masterpiece deserves to be called just that. Filled with amazingly well crafted Guitar Pop it draws from a musical tradition starting with THE BEATLES' SGT. PEPPER and kept alive by such luminaries as XTC, COTTON MATHER or THE WONDERMINTS. But, in my own humble opinion, this LP is as good if not better than the bands it will remind you of. Starting with the lysergic wash of jangling guitars and lush harmonies that is "ANAESTHESIA" it takes you to the brilliant "TICKET WITH NO RETURN" (The best Beatles track never written by Lennon?) and never lets up until both sides are over. This is a truly GREAT album and will rightly be quoted in future as one of the finest records to be immortalised on vinyl. If you buy one album this year. make it this one. You will love it.

Buy the ORGONE BOX "CENTAUR" vinyl  LP for only £12.99 (+postage) by calling us on
01892 541 746 or emailing us via the "contact" link We take cards, cheques or paypal. Else you can also go to our eBay store now!

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