Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bucketfull Of Brains 78-79-Double Sized Issue

The latest Bucketfull is upon us and it is a double sized issue with quite a stella line up along the lines of:
THE BASEBALL PROJECT, PHIL OCHS, DOG AGE, MATT PIUCCI, DAN STUART & THE SLUMMERS, BAND OF OUTSIDERS, THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES, MADAM, JASON McNIFF, JON LANGFORD, PAUL COLLINS, THE HOT KNIVES,and DENNIS DIKEN of THE SMITHEREENS and also comes with a free cd. That's quite something, I think you'll agree. Go to this fine place to find out more and purchase this esteemed publication

My own contribution is an interview with our beloved Norwegian Psychpop Heroes Dog Age on the occassion of their latest wonderful platter On The Garish Isles. Twenty years on and they remain as damn fine a band as you could ever hope to treat your music loving mind to.....


Dog Age recreate the US Bikini laws of 1922


Anonymous said...

Well, I have seen many strange people in my life, but these guys...what can I say, Im i shock!

marcanthony said...

wuff u mike