Thursday, 19 November 2009

Bucketfull Of Brains 73 out now

Bucketfull Of Brains 73 is finally upon us. It features Lucky Soul, The Drones, John Wesley Harding. Achievements In Sound, Rob Symmons, Roky Erickson, Peter Holsapple, Big Star, along with all the usual stuff. As always a great read from cover to cover.

My contribution this issue is one I'm really thrilled with. Achievements In Sound is the band monika used by none other that Gino Nave who back in the nineties was one third of Red Letter Day, a band who released one of the very best power pop records of that decade and then seemingly vanished. That was until a couple of years ago when Gino returned to music with Achievements In Sound and what joy his two albums so far have brought. Beautiful, melodic sound craft of the highest order and playing to match. Essentual stuff for any true pop fan out there. And there's a third outing on the horizon even as we speak. Gino was a really great interview subject and for the first time anywhere we get the long overdue lowdown on the unknown history Red Letter Day and all he has been up to since. And what a lovely bloke!

Here's Gino
and here's the covers of his albums..

My gosh this is such a stunning, wonderful listen

as is this....if you love that McCartney, Emitt Rhodes type of melodic pop and the Jellyfish vibe of Red Letter Day then you so need these beauties....right lets cut to the links


Anonymous said...

Really enjoying what I hear of "The Swim-Wade Threshold". Must get them on my radio show!


angelo said...

a couple of years ago, i was listening to the red letter day demos, that's how i found out these two albums and this was amazing, i can't stop to listen to both albums. I'm eagerly waiting for the new one which sould be out by now