Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Twilight Hours...Matt Wilson and John Munson return

Matt Wilson and John Munson were many moons ago half of one of the greatest bands ever to walk the planet the sinfully neglected Trip Shakespeare, a totally unique and musically enduring combo whom I personally love beyond all measure. After the trips drifted apart John and fellow shakespearian Dan Wilson (brother of Matt) went onto form the sublime (and moderately sucessful) Semisonic while Matt eventually released a fine solo album Burnt White And Blue (On which Semisonic joined in) When Semisonic pressed the pause button a few years back John and Matt wandered back together and became acoustic duo The Flops and released a live album (with a CD Rom) Ooh La La combining it with a very sureal and often funny approach to their website which probably baffled quite a few people. Now comes their new band The Twilight Hours and while their new website continues the odd fun of before their debut album Stereo Night is a thing of much beauty and wonder to behold. Its up for a free download so you can check it out for yourselves here>

And then when you as a true music lover have fallen deeply in love with what you hear you then have the option of buying a proper cd version, or a rather spiffing red vinyl album version (with added download) or if you're an I Tunes type of creature then you can buy a high quality download type thing.

John and Matt in Trip Shakspearian times

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marfwah said...

Thanks for the heads up. I was only listening to TS's Lulu just this weekend.