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rickoLus-The solo works of Richard Colado

Last week I came across the first album by a band originating from Jacksonville, Florida, Julius Airwave and a very engaging listen it was. Indie rock with a strong power pop melodic centre with some interesting eclectic and progressive touches with, at the heart of the music some very fine songs courtesy of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rick Colado, a man with a real knack for turning in many a lovely tune and some subtantive songwriting when it's called for. A surf around pulled up the news of second album 2007's The City, The Forest which from what I've heard streaming on their site is going to be even better than the first. I also found five unreleased tracks to delight in over at the site

which also led me to the reason why we are here. Rick Colado has been recording solo albums under the monika rickoLus these last few years and the only way to hear them is by free download over at his site.

Solo he is at times more intimate both lyrically and in approach than on Dragons Are The New Pink and at its finest his music is a gently powerfull and often dreamy passionate pop adventure that reminds me at times of John Common, Pete Yorn, Philip Price and Gus Black at their romantic best. I have been listening to his music on and off these last few days and enjoying it greatly. The collection is eclectic at points but I recommend grabbing it all because it is consistantly interesting.

Heres what he has to say on his site by way of introduction:
(all the word in yellow from here in are lifted from his site)
My name is Richard J. Colado, I write , record and perform music under a variety of names and projects; "rickoLus" is the moniker I currently use for the music on this site. At the moment the majority of my music does not get pressed on CD or vinyl and is not sold at record or online stores. To get my music out to people I've created this web site. Here you can listen to, download and get information on nearly all of the music I've made. Some of the projects I'm involved with have separate web sites and there are links for them here as well. For news and updates on all things that I work on currently, music and other, I have a blog you can visit called The Vitamin Circus.

And most enjoyable read it is. Okay lets get to the albums themselves. Starting with Winter's Daughter a dark sweeping sad epic of an album .....

"Winters Daughter" tells the tale of Maryn Winter, who is the daughter of the season winter, and Emory Tate, the boy who woke up the sun.
All songs written, arranged and recorded by Richard J Colado
This album was recorded during the Fall of 2007 to the Spring of 2008 at the Green Shed Studio in Jacksonville Beach, FL except for the piano on "Maryn", "the boy who woke the Sun" and "Dreaming of Snow" those were recorded at the Palms Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Most instruments played by rickoLus which include: piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, bells, keyboards, percussion, vocals, samples, accordion and ebo.

Download it here:

This next one is the strangest and wackiest pop treat

Songs written and recorded by Richard J. Colado
All instruments played by rickoLus
On this album I indulged in three styles of music that have a special place in my heart. Some of them may seem a bit silly but I still love them. These styles I speak of are Japanese Anime Pop, American Indie Rock and Video Game Music.
One of the new resources I acquired while working on this album was a sequencing program, which gave me the ability to basically score the musical notation on my computer. And it would play the music for me. On most of the tracks I used the sequencer for drums, or some of the basic sounds, and mixed them with real recorded instruments that I would play. And there you have it, "Video Game Birthday Party".

Download it here:

The first album A Soundtrack For A Movie is nearly all instrumental unfortunately because theres some great tunes and playing here

This is a collection of instrumental songs I did during the spring and summer of 2004. The only one that isn't purely instrumental is "Birds". Maybe one day someone can make a movie to bring the prophetic title of this album to life, until then it remains a soundtrack for a movie that's never been made.
songs written and recorded by Richard J Colado
Most instruments performed by rickoLus

Download it here:

Another darkly romantic listen Rivers And Lakes is the only album with other musicians involved all the way through and what a treat it is

songs written and recorded by: Richard J Colado Music
arranged by: rickoLus, Anthony Anurca (Tanurka) and Rebecca Zapen
This album was recorded live in the Fall of 2003 at Rebecca Zapens house in Jacksonville, Florida.Overdubs were done at my apartment in Jacksonville and the Green Shed studio also in Jacksonville.P
erformers:rickoLus - vocals, guitar, piano and some percussion
Anthony Anurca - bassoon
Rebecca Zapen - violin
Mark Hubbard - drums, percussion

We arranged the songs over the course of a couple months, and then recorded it live at Rebecca's house. Later I did some over dubs in my apartment and the Green Shed studio.
I decided against giving the songs individual names, because for me they all are too much a part of the same thing. What that thing is will remain a mystery to most folks. I wanted it all to be connected, that's the point. All the words were written from one stream of conscience, and I wanted to keep that part of its inception as intact as possible when translating it to song. That's why each song is simply named "Rivers and Lakes Part One, Part Two, Part Three, etc.". So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Grab it here:

American Backyard is probably the poppiest of the albums, full of charming and sometimes slyly humourous songs- this might be the place to start

I don't want to spoil the effect of the album with a bunch of specifics about my thoughts, feeling, idea's etc. But I will say that while working on the album I was fascinated with the concept of romance, and disenchanted by the lack of it I found in modern culture. That's where my head and heart built a home. The rest is just other scribbling and bibbling.
All songs written and recorded by Richard J. Colado
This album was recorded during the Summer of 2007 at the Green Shed studio, my backyard and in Emeral and Ben Cooper's shed. All of which are in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Most instruments played by rickoLus Which include: piano, guitar, bass guitar, accordion, drums, percussion, keyboards, wind chimes, vocals and tape machines

And you can find this little gem here:

Last a quartet of slowburning melodic builders

This album is a small collection of songs that I worked on over the course of 2008. The themes of the album are fears, worry and anxiety; all things I don't like to dwell on, maybe that's why there's only four songs on the album.
All songs written and recorded by Richard J. Colado.
All instruments played by rickoLus, which include:Piano, Drums, Guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, vocals, drums sequencing.
This album was recorded during the Spring, Summer and Winter of 2008 in the Green Shed Studio, Jacksonville Beach, FL.
theres also various stray tracks floating around the site worth grabbing and lots of links to other musical projects...go investigate.....

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