Friday, 10 July 2009

Jason Falkner "All Quiet On The Noise Floor" track listing

The masterful Jason Falkner returns to our waiting hearts with news of an American issue of his superb I'm Okay, You're Okay (available up to now only in Japan) on both CD and vinyl coming in late September. He's remixed a couple of songs and totally re-recorded the opener This Time for the domestic release. But even bigger than this is the news that also released in Japan the same month (with a domestic version to follow at the end of 2009) is his brand spanking new latest effort All Quiet On The Noise Floor that he was just putting the finishing touches to when I last was in contact with the great man a couple of weeks ago.

(no this is not the cover art... just me playing silly buggers with photoshop)

but this here is the real track listing
1. Princessa (finally the highlight of the demos tape that has been floating around for a few years, this majestic song has been re-recorded with David Holmes and weather its this new version or an even newer version we will find out soon enough.)
2. Emotion Machine
3. Counting Sheep
4. Evangeline
5. The Lie in me
6. Maybe the Universe (nice title)
7. Jet Silver and the Dolls of Venus ( a Be Bop Deluxe cover no less...from their debut Axe Victim -now can you see what i did with photoshop above?)
8. My Home is not a House (ah this title is familar, a great song dating from his time with The Grays (they played it live on occasion) There is a version of this done for one of the Yellow Pills comps back in the mid nineties and a second version on the Necessity: The 4 Track Years collection. Looking forward to hearing his new take on this lost classic
9. Doin' me in
10. Y.E.S
11. This Time 09 version (Bonus track for Japan) ( we can assume this will be the same new version that's coming on the US release of I'm Okay You're no need to panic buy the japanese version just for the bonus track when you can panic buy it for the bonus live DVD offer that comes with it or panic buy it just because we cannot wait till christmas to hear it!)
update... actual cover art

plus some old pictures for your Falkner Scrapbooks (come on we all know you've got one)

jellyfish 1990
a rare photo of The Grays (in fact all photos of the Grays are rare)


troy said...

This is easily the most exciting news for me since the Beatle remaster news. You are, as always, The Man.

Michael McDonald said...

Unfortunately the live DVD can not be exported so it's Japan only.

jay strange said...

i've heard reports that the live dvd is a bit bootleggy in quality...handheld camera stuff and not something that professional anyway..

Brendan Noone said...

Any idea where we can get some MP3's of this somewhere/anywhere. I will buy this thing when it comes out (Christ I have everything of his like 3 times over). But after the flat IOYO, I am not paying the IMPORT uplift. Any leads?


Sal Nunziato said...

Hi There,

Thanks for all the Jason news. May I use your Photoshopped pic of Jason/Axe Victim on my blog?


jay strange said...

hi sal yes of course you can..i'll add you to my blogroll as well

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks Mick, I'll do the same