Monday, 8 June 2009

Jonathan Segel: Loads of rare music at Bandcamp

Jonathan as well as working in Camper Van Beethoven, Chaos Butterfly and solo has down the years created very fine music for various dance groups and soundtracks for various indie films.

Now via Bandcamp you can get this music either for free at 128 kp or for you audioplhiles out there at a hefty 320 kp for what ever price you decide. How good is that my friends?
and the site is user friendly and easy to use....just go to

or any of the indivual links in the post below

and when you click download album this comes up and pick your bitrate and off you go.

Emotional Geographies
all music made especially for Cid Pearlman, for the performance "The Name of This Dance Changes Every Day."
credits released 22 March 2009

music for Maxine Moerman Dance Theatre credits released 21 November 2008

The Desire Line
music for Deborah Slater Dance Theatre's production "The Desire Line." credits released 20 March 2008

Hotel of Memories
Some music from the Deborah Slater Dance Theater production "Hotel of Memories" credits released 13 May 2006 mostly Jonathan Segel, some Chaos Butterfly

Bill's Run
music from Richard Kassebaum's PBS P.O.V. Documentary about his brother running for state senate.. credits released 06 June 2004 all the instruments played by Jonathan Segel and Myles Boisen

Love Will Travel
music from Teddi Dean Bennett's film "Love Will Travel" starring Johnny Goetchius and Tanja Nicklisch (note Teddi did the New Roman Times video for Camper Van Beethoven also.) credits released 01 October 2002 ©2002 Jonathan Segel/Bumps of Goose, BMI. all songs played by Jonathan Segel, and when with a band it consisted of the fantastic Scott McPherson on Drums, Steve Refling on Bass, and Ralph Carney on saxes and flutes and stuff, and a little vocal help from Lisa Gerstein.

100% Human Hair
music from Ann Kaneko's hilarious musical short film about a destitute wig shop in the ghetto. credits released 02 February 2001
all the actors sang. jes made the music

Kickin' Chicken
music from Joy Phillips' short film "Kickin' Chicken" see it here: credits released 01 January 2001

music from Mia Trachinger's film "Bunny" from 2000. it's a pretty intense film, despite what it looks like from the available stills. available on itunes! credits released 05 April 2000 all © 2000 Jonathan Segel, Bumps of Goose, BMI note, Dane Davis on clarinet!

The Invisibles
This is the music from the 1999 Noah Stern film "The Invisibles" starring Michael Goorjian and Portia De Rossi. Apparently I signed something (thought it was a SAG waver - I acted also) that says they never will pay me for the music, but beyond that they never filed the cue list with BMI so I will never receive broadcast royalties, nor mechanical royalties despite being published on DVD. hmmm. note: this collection should really start with the song "Losing Touch" and end with the song "Hey Joy", both of which were rejected and subsequently ended up on my 2003 CD "Edgy Not Antsy" credits released 25 January 1999 all music by Jonathan Segel ©1999 Bumps of Goose, except "Dumb Girl" by Jane Thompson and Jonathan Segel and "Bells" by Alison Faith Levy and Jonathan Segel

How is a Church Like the Sea
music from Cid Pearlman's Nesting Dolls performance "How is a Church Like the Sea". This was originally a 5 part work, here redone for later performances in L.A. as Church/Sea. credits released 06 May 1996 music is by Jonathan Segel and Laurie Amat, a string quartet and a vocal quartet. Vocals: Laurie Amat, Chris Birkner, Laura Hermanstorfer, Mel McMurrin. Strings: Jenny Scheinman, Sarah Berstein (vlns), Jonathan Segel (vla), Sheila Schat (cello)

Dr. Geronimo Firebrain's Plane Crash Tape Vol. 1
Volume 1, "Dig Your Own Hardy Mums" is a collection of outtakes and experiments that came out originally on cassette in 1993. credits released 04 April 1993

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